Our Practice Areas

Real Estate

What you can expect when you choose The McCall Law Firm to handle your closing:

  • We will work diligently to ensure that you are comfortable with the closing process and understand the timeline and how we will work together to ensure your closing happens on time.
  • We have built our practice on outstanding customer service that efficiently and effectively handles our clients’ transactions.
  • While we can never guarantee that a closing will happen exactly as planned, we have taken the time to plan for contingencies and we are prepared to respond efficiently.

We understand the time sensitive nature of the closing process and we are focused on providing informed, efficient and comprehensive closing services for your real estate purchase or refinance.

Our Services

  • We perform the title search – once the contract is signed, that is when we get to work ordering a title search for the property.
  • Coordinate with Agents – we will coordinate with your agents to ensure that you have clear title and coordinate the execution of all documents required for closing.
  • Acquire title insurance for the buyers – we will work with a title insurance company to obtain a title commitment based upon the title review that we have prepared.
  • Work with Lenders and parties to prepare all closing documents – if a lender is involved in the transaction we will work directly with them to secure the loan package.
  • Prepare the deed for the sellers – we will prepare the deed to be signed and filed after closing
  • Perform the closing – We provide on-site and remote Closings at the clients convenience
  • Record and disburse – we will record all documents and disburse funds within 24 hours.